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20_ghosts's Journal

Twenty Ghosts
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a Danny Phantom 20 Facts Community

W E L C O M E T O 20 _ G H O S T S!


This is a Danny Phantom fanfic community based off iulia_linnea's The HP Character Random Facts/Things Meme, among with numerous others based on this concept, which is pretty simple; you pick a character (ex. Danny, Maddie), pairing (ex. Danny/Sam, Vlad/Jazz) , threesome (ex. Danny/Sam/Tucker), or any other reationship, and write 20 'Facts' on it.

What is a fact, exactly? It can be anything, canon, fanon, speculation, and so on. Have fun playing around with what this 'fact' can be, from a insight to a charcter's past or explanation for something about a character (ex. Vlad's long hair), to a random little fact from their childhood. When it comes to pairings, threeesomes, groups and other relationships, it's can also be anything about their relationship, or just a random snippet of their interaction that tells something important about one of the character, or shows us, the readers, something about the relationship between the characters.

.R u l e s.

..:The Claims list is here and this is where you comment for your claims:..
..:You can have up to three claims at the same time. Once you've finished your claim, you can claim something else and there is no limit to what you can claim in total:..
..:Each subject can only be claimed by three people at a time, but there is no limit to how many times it can be claimed in total:..
..:To drop a claim, please comment in this post:..
..: This is the posting format:

Author's Notes:
..:The Genre can be anything: In fact, variation between serious stuff and pure, hilarious crack is ecouraged. We always love a fanfic with two different tones or genres to it:..
..:Feedback is appreciated, however, be nice! Flaming is completley and 100% forbidden. Costructive crit is ecouraged.:..
..:We all here like different things and pairings, so please, respect other's opinions!:..
..:None of this 'Anti-Fan' or 'True Fan' stuff. We're open to anything. This is NOT a place to debate this sort of things.:..
..:Because the creator of this community has an odd sense of humour (and just for fun), the subject line must have or be related to 'cream soup' in it. And yes, I really do ship DannyxFenton Thermos, why do you ask?:..


Message us if you'd like to afflicate! However, we only afflicate with communities that either have a similiar concept or are related to Danny Phantom, the latter due to the lack of a Danny Phandom on LJ.